Whenever you go camping whether it’s a beach in Cornwall or a campsite on Anglesey you will notice that the camper van of choice is the Volkswagen Transporter.

But why are VW campervan conversions so popular? Here are some very good reasons…


There are other vans out there used for conversions however VW Transporter is and always will be the most popular. the image and heritage that comes with the brand sets a standard.
In 2020 the transporter had its 70th anniversary starting with the T1 split screen which was first seen in 1947. The popularity started with the iconic van from the 1950s across Europe.

Evolution of an icon

The transporter has taken on several forms from this point with the T2, T25, T3, T4, T5, T6, and the T6.1 all still being produced from the same factory.
The demand for the transporter has never faltered given its reliability and the ease of use to convert to a campervan.


The transporter is known for its durability, reliability, and all-around diversity meaning it is the choice of most when looking to invest in a campervan conversion. No other brand comes close when trying to compete for campervan status.
Design Icon
Ask anyone and mention campervan and they are sure to say VW, the most popular campervan known in history. A true legend, an icon of the times.
Not only do they make a fabulous campervan but they are lovely to drive and reliable, practical, and versatile. All you can ask for.


When it comes down to it safety is paramount and VW campervans covered it all. The latest technology is now introduced and European NCAP testing has been incorporated into the latest model. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when choosing VW for your campervan conversion.

Cheaper in the long run

Some people may think that compared to other vans VW is the more expensive choice but when you look at the longevity and reliability it’s a no-brainer. The VW has lower depreciation than any other option so you are always able to sell if need be.
If you do wish to discuss converting your VW transporter or have any questions, please do get in touch and speak to our experts.
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