The idea of setting off in a converted campervan and ending up wherever the wind takes you has become increasingly popular in recent years. Campervan conversions are also becoming much popular given the cost-effective way of turning your standard van into a campervan fit for purpose. Many reasons have factored into the increased popularity of campervan ownership none more so than the ever-popular staycation due to recent travel restrictions and the worry of booking anything abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the issues surrounding travel that arise from this.

Let’s look at some of the other benefits other than peace of mind for travel of owning and traveling in your converted campervan.


1. You Can Travel and Park Pretty Much Anywhere

The campervan comes across no issues for travel restrictions due to the size of them, unlike many traditional large motorhomes which often exceeded height barriers and some hard standing camping pitches. You should have no issues with pitch bookings at any campsites or national parks with a converted campervan.

2. Good mileage compared to motorhomes

Converted campervans often use far less fuel than a traditional motorhome. This is obviously not only good for your pocket but also the environment.


3. Ease of Use and Driveability

The campervan especially the likes of a converted VW T4 or T5 also has the added bonus of the driveability and comfort factor. We also offer rearview cameras with our conversions to make the ease of use even better for our customers. The converted campervan is just the same as driving a standard van with the added bonus of the converted living and sleeping area.


4. Simple designs and high standards meaning extra comfort

When converting the campervan, it’s good to keep the design simple. There just isn’t the space for gadgets galore so the designs are simple and to the point meaning a comfortable way to relax and enjoy a tour holiday with no fuss just worry-free camping life. We would stress though although designs are kept simple you do need to remember to keep up the maintenance for added systems such as fridges, stoves etc.

5. Servicing and Mechanical needs accessibility

Given that although converted your van will still be able to be maintained by a standard servicing or mechanical garage that would serve for a traditional van. This is in comparison to some motorhomes where you would need specialist input. This means that should you require any mechanical help it is much more accessible and easier for you as the owner.
If you’re ready to take on the open road in a converted campervan, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote and let’s make your dreams a reality.
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