Should I get a pop top campervan when I’m going through my conversion? We get asked this question often when looking at completing a campervan conversion, one of the decisions is whether to add a pop top or not to the van or not.
We think that a pop top is a great addition to any campervan conversion. They are an adaptable way of adding an additional room to the campervan which also does not affect where you can travel to as it is adaptable and stays down while traveling. Pop tops are really easy to use giving instant additional space.
A pop top gives additional headroom in your campervan conversion which is a huge bonus especially if you are tall. Pop tops added to your campervan conversion create additional living space for you and your family or traveling companions. When the roof is raised with the addition of the pop top the beds can be raised which in turn provides you with additional living space and storage. There is also the option for additional sleeping quarters at the top.
Another benefit of getting a pop top campervan conversion is the views. The mesh windows allow you to take in your surroundings from the comfort of your camper.

Types of pop top campervan roofs?

There are two main types of pop top roofs for campervan conversions these are SCA and Austops. We can coordinate the roofs that match your van.

SCA Roofs:

SCA roofs can be used on VW vans, Mercedes, Citroen, Ford, Peugeot and Renault vans and are considered the most popular choice. Incorporating an SCA roof into your conversion allows you to add pop up roofs and high-quality sleepers.
There are three designs with SCA comfort, SCA start being able to be added to long and short wheelbase vehicles. SCA high roof class can be added to short wheelbase vehicles only.  SCA roofs are flat and are lifted up at an angle from the front or rear of the van. When they are closed for travel purposes they add only a few inches to the height of the van meaning that they will not hinder restrictions when it comes to height.

SCA roofs have;

  • Higher rear lifts for increased headroom
  • Panoramic canvas options which allow mesh windows to be unzipped
  • Stong locking

Austop Roofs:

Austops are manufactured in the UK and are known to be slightly more affordable than the SCA. They can be fitted on campervan conversions on VW, Vauxhall, Nissan, and Renault vans. The same story as the SCA they only will add a few inches so height restrictions are not an issue when closed.
So, if you are thinking of adding a pop top to your campervan or if you are getting a campervan conversion speak to one of our experts today to find out more information to help you make an informed choice of pop top to be added to your campervan conversion.
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