Many people when starting out overpack or under-pack for their first few campervan trips…

Before you set off on your adventure, we have put together a short guide to give you a few tips on what to pack and take on your campervan trips to ensure that you don’t fall short or indeed overpack and waste valuable living space on your break away.


Of course, once you have set your van up initially most of the equipment can remain in the van for future adventures however with this useful guide it may help to set the van up and ensure that you are well equipped and do not fall short.


1: Clothes and toiletries: Well, this goes without saying really however pack well but light. You need to ensure you are set for weather changes and have warm enough clothes however do not overpack as this can cause clutter and get in the way. Think about how much you actually need and then take maybe one or two extra layers to ensure that you have something extra in case of wet weather etc.  Its usually an idea to pack toilet rolls even if you are not using a portaloo in case the site doesn’t have them. Bath towels are also a one not to forget


2: Mandatory Documents: The include driver’s license, passports (if crossing borders), vehicle insurance, vehicle registration paperwork, logbooks, manuals, travel insurance documents, breakdown cover documents, and emergency contacts.


3: Bedding: You will require some nice warm bedding for your campervan. Layers are good which could include sleeping bags and a duvet for extra warmth that you can always remove in the warmer months or if you get too hot in the night.


4: Water Container: If you don’t have running water in your campervan it is best to take a large water container so that you can use this for basic washing, drinking water and possibly for a portaloo if you decide to use one.


5: Hook up cable and adapter: Don’t forget the hookup cables and adaptors to allow you to utilise the electric hook-ups available on most campsites now


6: Awning, hammer and pegs if using one and a hammer to hammer the pegs down


7: Torch: This is useful for emergencies or fails in electricity


8: Kitchen Essentials: Cutlery, plates, washing up equipment, tea towels, tin foil, or cling film


9: Spare bulbs


10: Tool Kit: This can include engine oil, battery charger, and tools for any little jobs that may crop up in the van that can be easily fixed whilst you are out and about


11: Outdoor equipment: Camping chairs, table, parasol if required, possibly camping bbq or throw away bbq, outdoor games, and toys, LED lights


12: Entertainment: This varies for each person however a pack of cards, dominos, games, ipads, books are all popular choices


13: Bikes: bikes are a great way to explore, bike racks can easily be added to your camper van, and don’t forget your locks to ensure they are kept safe


14: Cleaning equipment: Anti bac wipes are always a favourite in campervans but also possibly a small folding mop and some cloths and spray for the surfaces


15: Food: This would really be my number one but food that is easy to store and cook and snacks are essential for a good camping trip


This covers the basics really of what you need for a comfortable safe trip however everyone is different. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy making memories.


If you want a little help getting your van converted and ready for adventures, get in touch today.

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